Empowering Hearts and Minds: Empowerment Speaking that Inspires Change

Women! Are you looking to be a Workplace Success? What is stopping you from entering and succeding in the industry you love!!

Are you looking to have an Engaging and Energizing Speaker at your event to talk on topics such as Women Empowerment; How to Succeed in Male Dominated Industries; Women in Leadership and more?

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Industry Associations

Your members will come away with inspiration and energy to succeed in that male dominated industry you love!! Keynote topics include:

  • Go, Soar to the top of your Male Dominated Industry.
  • The Barbie Effect
  • You’re more than a Token Hire

Business Conferences/Meetings

Topics include:

  • Individual and Team Motivation
  • Working and communicating better as a Team
  • Team based Motivation techniques
  • How to Collaborate for Success

National Shows/Events

Empowerment and educational lessons including:

  • Career Aspirations
  • Fempowerment
  • Leadership and Success.

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Keynoting and Empowerment Speaking.

Sue is a Empowerment speaker with an extensive background in Organizational Behaviour and knows what it takes to succeed as a Woman in a Male Dominated Industry. Whatever industry you are in, you can learn what has been holding you back and what you can do to flourish in that industry you love. Be empowered inspired and be ready conquer adversity, She is here to guide you on your path to success. Let's embark on this empowerment journey together!

  • Elevate empowerment and achieve your goals with practical insights.
  • Learn actionable strategies for workplace progression, leadership and all levels of success.
  • Overcome adversity with resilience and inspiration.
  • Engage and captivate your audience at your next event or conference.
  • Drive personal and professional growth within your organization.

What others are saying


If you are looking for an engaging and powerful speaker for your event, look no further than Sue Wedsworth. Her presentation was not only educational but exciting. She left us wanting more!!

Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Sue is a wonderful person to collaborate with. Her knowledge, expertise and passion is what we enjoy most. She is an astute professional who loos to build long term meaning relationships in both business and her community. She is a heart-centric speaker with an engaging and infectious presence that brings out the best in anyone.


Since starting my coaching with Worth Results I've made a clear improvement in my lifestyle and business clarity. Sue is great at helping you sift through the clutter in your mind and life and extract the features from within yourself that get you achieving new and improved results. If you're looking for something to help you step into your next level, you should call Sue. It's the best thing you can do.

Daniel McCulloch

When you're looking for some guidance on getting that promotion at work or just need a little push starting your new business, Sue at WORTH Results is the the first person you should call. She will work with you to try to understand what exactly it is your looking to achieve and will build a plan to help you achieve your goals. So if you are looking to get moving in the right direction than Sue at WORTH results can help guide you on the road to your success!

Stephanie Khalla

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