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Feeling trapped in the daily grind?

Let's embark on a journey of positive transformation together! Reach out to me today to liberate yourself from the monotony and unleash your full potential. Your aspirations are not just dreams; they're opportunities waiting to be seized. Let's turn them into reality!

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Increase Productivity

I'm here to turbocharge your productivity. Together, we'll smooth out any rough spots, supercharge your communication skills, and synchronize your actions with the DISC system, helping you achieve more in less time.

Confidence to Break Stereotypes

In industries dominated by stereotypes, I empower women like you to break free from these constraints. Through my professional coaching, you'll build the confidence to shatter expectations, creating your unique path to success with determination and skill.

Inspire and Drive Change

Empower your team with engaging keynote and Empowerment speaking that facilitates meaningful transformation and inspires positive change, leaving a lasting impact.

Actionable Plans

Together, we'll craft specifically curated plans that pave the way for your success. These actionable plans are designed to guide you toward tangible achievements, turning your dreams into a vivid reality you can celebrate.

My Services


Let's embark on a journey of personal growth and professional development together. I offer tailored coaching programs designed to address your unique needs, providing the guidance you require. From individual development to mastering sales strategies, I'm here to support your goals.

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Join me on an inspiring journey rooted in over a decade of expertise. My Empowerment speeches are a perfect fit for graduates, businesses, and national events. I share valuable insights on finance, Empowerment, goal achievement, and the transformative power of mindset. Be prepared to feel inspired and empowered.

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What others are saying


When you're looking for some guidance on getting that promotion at work or just need a little push starting your new business, Sue at WORTH Results is the first person you should call. She will work with you to try to understand what exactly it is you're looking to achieve and will build a plan to help you achieve your goals. So if you are looking to get moving in the right direction than Sue at WORTHResults can help guide you on the road to your success!

Stephanie Khalla

WORTHResults Inc. offers life coaching services across the Niagara Region,Greater Toronto Area & West, and
Empowerment speaking services across Canada & USA.