WORTH Sales Results

Program details

WORTH Sales Results will give you the exact tools you need to pull out – when you need them and will train you to become an expert sales closer to take your business to the next level!

If you’re a solopreneur or have recently started your own business, you know the most important aspect is getting new clients! But if you’re new into sales and have a hard time knowing how to deal with these sales conversations then getting new clients can feel like an uphill battle.

“What do I say, how do I overcome all these objections??” And “how do I get these people to commit?” you’re asking yourself? “What am I doing wrong?” Chances are you’re doing most of it right, though maybe your mindset is not quite where it should be when having these conversations. Often it’s the internal work that needs evaluating, before considering the external closing.

Sales is simply a process! Worth Sales Results will train you on how to become more effective at every stage of the sales process, from prospecting to service after the sale. Take your business beyond where you ever thought possible.

What’s included

  • Comprehensive Program Workbook
  • Weekly zoom/in person sessions up to 2 hours as needed for 3 months
  • Additional Tailored support (via call/email/text when needed)
  • Accountability

Come away with

  • Greater understanding of the Sales Process and your role in it
  • The ability to practice and perfect
  • Measurable Improvement

WORTHResults Inc. offers life coaching services across the Niagara Region, Greater Toronto Area & West, and
Empowerment speaking services across Canada & USA.